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The Rachel Maddow Show, PPE Portrait Project, Necessity/Innovation. May 8, 2020

Lakshmi Sarah for KQED
“From Ebola to Coronavirus—A Simple Practice of Sticker Photo-Portraits for Health Care Workers.” May 8, 2020.

The Rachel Maddow Show for MSNBC
“Health Care Workers Share Stories from the Frontline: Necessity/Invention.” May 8, 2020.

Jeanne Moos for CNN

Elisa Would Almnio for Hyperallergic

Katherine J. Wu for Smithsonian Magazine

CBSN/Boston (WBZ)

Dave Ross for KIRO Seattle

Mission Pictures Video:

Rachel Campbell-Johnston for The Times (London):

Alex Marshall for The New York Times:

Nurith Aizenman for NPR:

Marco Werman for The World-Public Radio International:

Melissa Harris-Perry for MSNBC:

Catherine Wagley for the LA Weekly:

Laura C. Mallonee for Hyperallergic:

Madeline Will for The Chronicle of Higher Education:

James A.W. Heffernan for Huffington Post/The World Post:

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Boston Calling (Highlights from The World):

AMA (Art Media Agency):

Kimberly Yam for the Huffington Post/Community Kindness:

Abraham Zamorano for Mundo, BBC:

Zazpika no: 851 (17 may 2015) GARA (no: 5902, in its 17th year)

Mimi O’Connor for Huffington Post: (posted June 1, 2015), originally published in Ornish Living. (17 May, 2015)

Cascone, Sarah. “Artist Outfits Ebola PPE Suits With Humanizing Photographs.”artnet news.12 April, 2015.

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan for Gizmoto:

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Hamidaddin, Noor. Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy. Soft Power: The Monthy Roundup (April edition.)

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